DVD and Blu-ray Disc Production: The services listed below are for transferring home videos and pictures to DVD and Blu-ray. Video to DVD/Blu-ray transfers yield the preservation of video quality, the convenience of digital video playback, and the longevity of digital storage when discs are backed-up to a hard drive. Transferring videos to Blu-ray also offers the added advantage of many times more video storage per disc than DVD. Video slideshows can bring your still pictures and slides to life with dynamic image zooming, rotation, and movement. Blu-ray video slideshows also allow for stunning, high-definition display of your still pictures and slides. Another exciting option for video slideshows is the ability to add audio commentary, which can add a very special touch to a slideshow. I use high quality analog to digital video capture hardware, a professional photo and slide scanner, professional video and image editing software, software video encoding, which yields high video quality, and premium DVD and Blu-ray discs to ensure excellent video transfers and productions. I also use professional audio recording equipment for video slideshow audio commentary. If you have any questions, or if you would like a project cost estimate, then please contact MYAVC.

Video to DVD/Blu-ray Transfer: This service is for transferring video formats, such as Video8, Hi8, VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Digital8, MiniDV, and more to DVD and Blu-ray. First, your video is captured from your tapes and the audio tracks are normalized (set to a proper volume). Chapter points can also be added every specified time interval for easy navigation during playback. The pricing below is for a basic transfer. If you would like advanced video editing or disc authoring for your project then see those sections below for additional information. DVD/Blu-ray copies come with plastic disc cases, or you may opt for disc wallets to hold your discs (additional charge applies). Thermal labeling using a Casio CW-50 is also offered for a more professional looking label for your finished DVDs. Basic video transfer pricing is the total of these parts:

Tape Transfer Cost: $5 per tape
Captured Footage Cost: $20 per hour of captured video
DVD/Blu-ray Copies: $5/$10 each
Thermal Disc Labeling (optional): $1 additional per disc

For example, if you have four tapes to transfer, the total footage on all four tapes is six hours, and you want the footage transferred onto three DVDs, then the total cost would be $155 (4 tapes × $5 per tape + 6 hours × $20 per hour + 3 DVDs × $5 per DVD).

As another example, if you have six tapes to transfer, the total footage on all six tapes is twelve hours, and you want the footage transferred onto three Blu-ray discs, then the total cost would be $290 (6 tapes × $5 per tape + 12 hours × $20 per hour + 2 Blu-ray discs × $10 per Blu-ray disc).

Discounts: Video projects totaling between $500 and $1,000 will receive a 5% discount. Video projects totaling $1,000 or more will receive a 10% discount.

Advanced Video Editing: If you would like a more polished look and sound for your project then advanced video editing is available. Advanced video editing includes options such as: adding text/titles and graphics, such as still photos (excludes video slideshows), to video footage; fading video clips in and out; dissolving between video clips; cross-fading the audio between video clips; adjusting audio levels; changing the order of video clips on the final DVD; and other effects. Not all projects may require advanced video editing, though it is offered if case you desire an extra professional touch.

Advanced Video Editing Rate: $30 per hour of time spent editing

Advanced Disc Authoring: Video to DVD/Blu-ray transfers include basic DVD/Blu-ray functionality. When you put the disc in your player and press play your video footage will play from beginning to end. However, if you desire your project to have menus of scene selections with custom graphics and even cover art for the disc case, then advanced disc authoring is offered.

Advanced Disc Authoring Rate: $30 per hour of time spent authoring
Final DVD/Blu-ray Copies With Cover Art: $10/$15 each

Video Slideshows: Still photos and slides can be put on DVD and Blu-ray, creating a video slideshow. Video slideshows created on Blu-ray offer the advantage of stunning, high definition images that are six times more detailed than DVD quality video slideshows. Most photos are much higher quality than DVD quality. Photos can either be centered and stationary, or for an extra dynamic look, they can be zoomed, rotated, and moved around the screen. Perhaps the most exciting and unique feature of a video slideshow is the optional audio commentary that can be added. After the slideshow is assembled and put on a DVD or Blu-ray, you can then host an event to watch the slideshow with others, such as friends and family members in the pictures. All of your comments can then be recorded on location and put on the final DVD or Blu-ray. That way you can have a lively narration to document your precious memories! Video slideshows with audio commentaries are great for birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries. Getting a group together to narrate a video slideshow can really be a party event! Adding professional music to such projects can be problematic because in many cases adding music can either be prohibitively expensive or in violation of copyright laws. If desired, affordable, high quality instrumental music can be added to a project. However, adding audio commentary is not only a cost effective alternative to fill the audio void, it also adds a more personal touch to a slideshow, making such a production even more special when viewed years down the road.

Digital Photos: 25¢ per photo
Photos/Slides Requiring Scanning: 50¢ per photo/slide
Automatic Photo Enhancement: 50¢ per photo
Manual Photo Enhancement: $30 per hour
Optional Audio Commentary Recording: $30 per hour

Video Project Backups: For the ultimate in video preservation, video project backups to computer hard drives are offered at cost. While DVDs and Blu-ray discs won't wear out with use if properly cared for like a video tape will, they still have finite lives and will eventually no longer be readable. In addition, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are more fragile than the obsolete tape formats they replaced. A scratch can result in the loss of footage or even render a disc completely unplayable. However, if the discs are backed-up to a computer hard drive, the discs can be easily and identically re-created. Computer hard drives that are carefully stored will last much longer than writable DVDs and Blu-ray discs. One may opt to have a project backed-up to a single hard drive or to a couple of hard drives for extra data redundancy. As an added bonus, there is no service fee to backup a project to a hard drive. The hard drives used are offered at cost if brand new, or for fair market value if a used internal computer hard drive is used. All hard drives used to store video project backups are checked free of charge for functionality using hard drive diagnostics software.

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Terms of Service Agreement for Video Services before arranging for video production services. To arrange for video production services, or if you have any questions regarding the various services offered, please email Michael at mike@myavc.com. In addition, if none of the packages are suitable for your needs you may request a quote for specific transfer needs.

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