Why choose MYAVC over the other guys for your computer repair, maintenance, and upgrade needs?
  • Superior Service:
    MYAVC's computer repair services are built on a solid foundation of Windows-based PC repair, maintenance, and upgrade experience. Mike Young, the owner and operator of MYAVC, has a BS in Computer Science from UW Madison, in addition to many years of computer technician experience. MYAVC is committed to service excellence.

  • Competitive Prices:
    Because MYAVC is a small, home-based business, it does not have higher operational costs of other computer repair businesses. Lower operational costs result in more competitive prices for you the customer. MYAVC's current labor rate for computer services is $60 per hour. Compare that to MYAVC's competitors, some of which charge up to twice that amount per hour for labor, plus inflated house-call fees. MYAVC simply charges that same hourly rate for travel from Sun Prairie for house-calls, pick-up, and delivery of your computer.

  • Convenience:
    Services include pick-up, repair, and delivery of your computer, with quick turn-around. You have better things to do with your time than play ambulance driver for your computer. Forget the frustration of waiting in line at a large chain store or worries about how to disconnect and reconnect your computer. All of this is offered to you for less than the cost of taking your computer to a repair shop or chain store.

Whether your computer is having serious problems or just needs a tune-up, MYAVC is your best choice for computer service. MYAVC can also assist you with computer training. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. To arrange a service appointment, get an estimate, or if you have any other questions, please call or text Mike at (608) 209-2688. You may also reach Mike via e-mail at mike@myavc.com.

Avoiding Malware Guide
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Be sure to read the Terms of Service Agreement for Computer Services before arranging for computer service. To arrange for a service appointment, or if you have any questions or comments about the services offered, please email Michael at mike@myavc.com.

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