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PC games and miscellaneous applications for IBM compatable systems, by Mike Young. Click on the links to download the games. Files are in compressed executable (*.EXE) format. Download the files to a directory and run the *.EXE file to uncompress the game files and instructions. Some games will come with install programs. To install those programs run the "install.bat" file.

Super Ping

Towers of Hanoi



Alien Invaders

Bonk Barnie




Super Ping  By: Mike Young

Super Ping

By: Mike Young - Pong on roids (besides the fragrent use of parenthesis, that is my goal). Super Ping is an remake of my pong game. This remake boasts much beter game physics due to trigonmetric function usage. My old pong's eight directions of movement just didn't cut it. Super Ping has many features such as items like speed bursts, shrooms (like in Rise of the Triad), and bonus points. I hope to add more items in the future. Also, you can toggle through midi music files by pressing "M". The graphics are also improved over Pong's VGA 320x200x8. Super Ping is 640x400x8 and utilizes VESA SVGA modes thanks to Allegro. You can play against another person or against a few different simple artifical intellegences. The speed of the game is still dependent on the your CPU speed and your video card's 2D VESA SVGA capability. If VESA 1.0 is too slow (it usually is in this game) then see if VESA 2.x or VESA 3.0 will work on your card by switching modes in Super Ping's options menu. In future versions I hope to make it more CPU and video card independent through better use of my user interrupt game loop counter. I also hope to add a high score-keeping feature and maybe a tournament edition.

Towers of Hanoi  By: Mike Young

Towers of Hanoi

By: Mike Young - The classic (and possibly prehistoric) game of Towers of Hanoi. You start with different tower levels on one side in order of size. You have to get them on the right-most side in the same order of size. If you thought Tetris was fun you were right, it is. You just might like this game too (or you will hate it with unprecedented fury exemplified by the ripping out of your hair with your bare hands). If nothing else, the repetitive breaking of wind will surely entertain for a few moments. Give this one a shot!

Clock  By: Mike Young


By: Mike Young - Clock is a program that says the time. It is requires a Sound Blaster compatable sound card. It utilizes an algorithm that I write which strings together wave files to say numbers. Making the computer say numbers is exponentially easier than making it say typed words through strung together wave files. The wave files that I included are of me. I made them distorted because it sounds more mechanical that way like an old scifi movie computer voice. If you were ambicious enough you could rerecord the number and speech waves to have your own voice. If you do choose to do that be warned, it will take you a long time to record them all!

Lab1c  By: Mike Young


By: Mike Young - This piece of 80's nostalga was suppost to be a simple assignment in the A.P. Computer Science course that I am taking. It was to demonstrate RLE (run length encoding) among a data set (lab1c.dat). The program was to read in the data items and write out the run lengths of consecutive data items into another data file (lab1c_of.dat). I figured it would be bitch'n to have Pacman eat the data elements as their runs are being processed. When Pacman eats the -1 data element he dies. I have to give it up for Shawn Hargreaves for his graphics library Allegro and its excellent sprite rotation and stretching algorithms. I also have to thank the original masterminds behind Pacman the arcade as I have used the original sound effects from the arcade. This program isn't a game but it is kind of neat to watch. It make my want to fire up my Atari 7800 and play some Ms. Pacman.

Alien Invaders  By:7Mike Young

Alien Invaders (In Development)

By: Mike Young - This is my take on the classic shooter, Space Invaders. This program is not yet ready for demo release, as I have yet to fully implement enemy shots, shields, and other bells and whistles.

Poker  By: Mike Young

Poker v1.0

By: Mike Young - This is a poker game for DOS. You start out with 100 credits and you hope that you will leave with more, which is a rare event. I hope to ad some more bells and whistles on this game such as wild cards, sound, a high score table, and permenent money handling for extended play.

Craps  By:_Mike Young

Craps Beta

By: Mike Young - Craps is either a gambling game or an condition induced by injestion of vast quanities of olive oil proceding Thanksgiving dinner. This isn't the latter of the two. Craps, like most gambling games is mostly luck and very little skill. I explained how to play in the readme text which is compressed in the self extracting executable file (the file that you want to download and run)

Bonk Barnie  By: Mike Young

Bonk Barnie Beta

By: Mike Young - Everyone needs an outlet for anger. Let Barnie be your outlet and let your Louisville Slugger be your tool. This game is similar to "Wack a Mole". You simply tap keys where Barnie appears. When stale television programming strikes, strike back with Bonk Barnie!

Pong  By: Mike Young

Pong Beta

By: Mike Young - This is my own rendition of the classic game of Pong. It features advanced ball movement compared to my previous versions in which the ball moves in only eight directions. It also features sound, even if it is only internal speaker sound. This is oly a beta version and if and when I get the chance I will try to update it with better sound, a high score table, speed control (for different CPU speeds), and a few other novelties. Pong is a one or two player DOS program that will run under windows 95 and 98.

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