Terms of Service Agreement for Video Services

For legal purposes, the customer agrees that one of the following two statements about all content submitted for use by Michael Young's Audio, Video, and Computer (MYAVC) is true: (1) The copyright of submitted content belongs to the customer. (2) The customer has permission from the copyright owner(s) to have submitted content used for the service. MYAVC is not responsible for copyright infringement as a result of mistaken or fraudulant claims made by the customer regarding their right to use submitted content.

In the event of technical difficulties with video equipment that prevent a service from being completed in appropriate fashion, the customer will not be charged for the service. However, aside from a full refund for the service, MYAVC is not responsible for any additional losses caused by inconvenience. MYAVC is only responsible for customer video tapes and photos while they are in MYAVC's possession. In the event that customer video tape or photos are damaged, lost, or stolen in MYAVC's possession, the customer is entitled to $20.00 per damaged, lost, or stolen tape or $40.00, whichever amount is less, and $1 per damaged, lost, or stolen photo or $30.00, whichever is less. In addition, MYAVC will replace each damaged, lost, or stolen video tape with a comparable new video tape. The status of a video tape or photo being damaged, lost, or stolen can only be determined by MYAVC. MYAVC is not responsible for unauthorized use of submitted customer content that is stolen. MYAVC is not responsible for video tapes or photos that are damaged, lost, or stolen during shipping. It is strongly recommended that video tapes and other materials be insured when shipped. MYAVC is not responsible for any damages caused by unauthorized use of equipment owned by MYAVC. MYAVC is not responsible for DVD media degeneration and data loss as a result of DVD manufacturing flaws. Note that not all DVD players can play all kinds of DVD-Rs.

If the customer's satisfaction of a video service is not met, they are entitled to a full refund within a week of service completion, provided that they return all sold copies of the produced video.

Prior to receiving video services, the customer must sign the above Terms of Services Agreement for Video Services stating that they agree to the terms. If you have any questions or comments please email Michael at mike@myavc.com.

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