Video Recording: Video recording services are offered in the Madison Wisconsin area. A flat fee for travel and a hourly fee for video shooting are charged. Video recording services are great for preserving memories of special events. Don't exclude yourself from an event by running a camera. Have the camera work done for you! Video recording services are great for birthday parties, graduation parties, baptisms, weddings, children sporting events, and family reunions.

Travel Fee: $30
Hourly Recording Rate: $30 per hour

Once the video is recorded it must be edited and put on DVD. A DVD production package must be selected. Customers of the video recording service get a $30 discount on the DVD production setup fee. For information on the different DVD production packages, check out the DVD production page.

Be sure to read the Terms of Service Agreement for Video Services before arranging for video production services. To arrange for video production services, or if you have any questions regarding the various services offered, please email Michael at

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